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the past 4 decades, Sensex has grown at over 39% GACR. 1L rupee invested in Sensex in 1981 is worth around 7.5 crores today. qity has been the best asset class to create sustainable wealth Over long-term.

Yet, most investors have failed to create wealth from stocks because of behavioural biases, poor advice, costs are some of the key reasons that stood in the way.

Indian Equity Markets are going through a challenging phase now. Popular Strategies like value investing have fared poorly over the past decade. Mutual fund returnshave averaged around 8-9% before tax over past 5 years,making fixed income,tak-incentivized instruments such as PPE more attractive.

For most small investors,reliable,qualified professional advice is key to sustainable wealth creation going forward.

Why Choose our Investment Advisory Service?(Bg Ye,Le Black)

Unique stock research methodology, using combination of quantitative factor models, machine learning and fundamental analysis.

Better Risk Management through multi-asset,multi-factor,multi-strategy approach. Long term stock Advisory (Potential Muti-baggers) supported by detailed research reports.

Short term stock advisory based on quantitative factor models and machine learning, eliminating behavioural biases. Strategies tested for exclusively Indian markets against large volume of past data (10-15 Years, based on strategy) Most Competitively priced Stock Advisor Service, with minimal and explicit fees Personalized allocation plan based on Risk Profiling

About our Company

MG STOCKS & CO is a firm related to stock market for buying and selling of financial instruments.

We are basically providing stock market tips regarding cash, f&o, Nifty, options segments in NSE and BSE. Commodities trading tips are provided under mcx and ncdex. Our purpose is to give you high returns even in volatile market conditions.

We have a wide range of services and plans so as to meet your exact requirements as per the need of investors, day trader and stock brokers. So far as the success ratio of our tips is concerned It is always maintained above 85% in regular packages and in Premium services we are able to maintain accuracy of 95% on regular basis.


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OUR Services

Stock Cash Tips

Stock Future Tips

Stock Option Tips

Index Options

Commodity Tips

Stock Cash Tips

In stock cash tips we provide accurate and timely intraday best stock recommendation which will generate maximum profit from the equity market. Stock Cash recommendation will be given only from NSE. Recommendations will be sent through SMS for instant delivery of calls,so that every trade will have sufficient time to place the order at correct entry price to take Maximum profit.

What you get?

  • We will provide one or two cash market calls daily.
  • Follow Ups,Live Market Price & Information of the stock recommended.

Stock Future Tips

Stock Future recommendations will be given on both Intra day and delivery basis. Recommendations will be sent through SMS so that it will reach you as soon as our Research team generate. So that every trader will get the right entry point to obtain the Maximum gains, Our Technical research team works with an aim of generating good returns consistently for the end user.

What you get?

  • Daily one or two Stock future recommendations
  • Time to time Update on recommended stock Future
  • Weekly one or two high momentum calls based on holding basis

Stock Option Tips

Stock Options are the safest and best in highly Predictable market Conditions.All Stock option recommendation will be generated. Read complete disclosure before entry in our options trading call.Stock option call is with proper target, stop-loss and exit levels.Get Positional Strategies on Call Option & Put Option for F&O Stocks.

What you get?

  • Stock option recommendation per day
  • Strategies will be based on NIFTY & Stack Option.

Index Options

In Index option we provide both Intra day and delivery based NIFTY & BANK NIFTY options. All Calls will be based on break out or break down in the Indices. Calls will be generated through SMS so that trader receives it instantly to place order for the right entry.

What you get?

  • We will Provide you Two –Three NIFTY and Bank Nifty Option recommendation.
  • Recommendation will be generated based on OI data.
  • NIFTY’S and BANK NIFTY’S support & resistance will be ipdated

Commodity Tips

Commodity recommendations will be generated from Enerrgy,Base Metals,Bullions. Signals will be sent through SMS so that trader will have sufficient time to place order on right entry.

What you get?

  • We will provide Two-Three Three Commodity brisk Signals on daily basis.
  • Recommendations will be generated based on technical analysis only.


Name Monthly Quarterly Half yearly Yearly
STOCK CASH 6999 11999 20500 31500
STOCK FUTURE 6999 11999 20500 31500
STOCK OPTION 7500 12499 26280 38999
INDEX OPTION 6999 11999 20500 31500
COMMODITY 8000 15500 31200 47999